Google Glass Hacked: Liam McLoughlin Says Glass “root is easy”


Just a week passed after the Google Glass launch and Hackers have defaced it. According to Googler and hacker, Liam McLoughlin, Google Glass root apparently ‘easy’. Recently Google started shipping developer editions of Google Glasses to those who have registered it at Last year’s Google IO.

google glass front

Liam McLoughlin today tweeted about Google Glass root status, looks like root is easy too: reboot-bootloader gives you fastboot oem unlock. There is fun to be had here…

He also tweeted earlier when he was in process of rooting and said that, heh, fun. There’s a “debug mode” option on Glass that appears to enable ADB access. I got a shell on my Glass 😀 (no root yet!)

Well, Google Glass consists a tiny computer, 5-megapixel camera capable of HD video recording, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to connect to a smartphone and the internet, 16GB of storage and a projector beaming on glass display everything that Google Glass can do.

Last week, Eric Schmidt also cleared that Google Glass is not coming for public until a year.


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