Google has started to display Progress Bar for System Updates

Google has finally come up with a solution for the overlong and draggy process of system updates. The software giant has released a new update for the Google Play system which has made the process a piece of piss. You can now see a progress bar that will display the headway of an OTA update.

google play system

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Whenever an OTA reaches a device, there’s always a pop-up notification that says to restart the phone to ensure the processed update. With the update in the Google Play system, you will already have a track of progress, and the system will be free from any such task.

To be more precise, a small progress bar can be seen under the Google logo animation. Just like we update an app, this progression is also displayed in percentage. People using the Android 12 Beta have experienced this new feature.

The update may look like a minor bump but there’s more to it. In the case of major software, the update can take a long time that drains the user. Displaying a ‘%’ progress gives users support to estimate the time duration, meanwhile, they can sit back and relax!

FYI, it is Project Mainline that updates are released directly via OTA. Earlier, the update used to go through various channels before actually hitting the device. The entities were chip OEMs, device OEMs, carriers, and finally the play system

With the introduction of Mainline with Android 10, the fragmentation was reduced. It separates some firmware components into their own software modules. That means Google can send the update directly to the devices if the firmware has no relation with the processor or OEM.

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