Android 12 Beta 2 released with refined features and performance

At the Google I/O 2021 event, the software giant released the much-awaited Android 12 Beta. Talking about the biggest visual overhaul in years, Google announced that the stable version of Android 12 will be available later this year. Recently, the company released the Android 12 Beta 2 with refined features and performance. Keep scrolling to see what the second Beta of Android 12 has stored for us.

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Android 12 Beta 2 brings a bundle of changes for developers, from new privacy features to tweaks in the interface. As usual, the beta is available on Pixel phones now improving its functionality, stability, and performance.

Android 12 Beta 2 Features

  • Privacy Dashboard

Unlike before, the privacy drawer is polished giving a clear and simple view of the timeline.  It shows what information has been accessed by the recent apps like microphone, camera, and location. Moreover, you can get an explanation here that why the app needs certain permission.

In fact, you can disable any app to use microphones or cameras by using Quick Toggles. In case when either of them is on, an indicator will be displayed in the upper right of the status bar.

android 12

  • Internet Connection

The old Wi-Fi control button is replaced with “Internet” in Android 12 Quick Settings. Tapping on the button will open up a list of available Wi-Fi networks and a toggle for your cellular data. As per Google, this will “help users understand and manage their network connections better.”

This means that Mobile Networks and Wi-Fi pages are now combined to offer a simpler and more intuitive connectivity experience. However, it is not sure if the feature will roll out in a stable phase as this is just a testing stage.

android 12

  • Clipboard read notification

With Android 12 flashed on your device, a notification will appear whenever an app reads the current clipboard. Unlike before, the apps that pull the clipboard data will be exposed. In simpler terms, now the apps will not anticipate and pre-paste the copied content. Also, the information will not pop up if you copy and paste it within the same app.

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This will enhance the focus of Android 12 i.e; Privacy by giving users more transparency on when apps are reading from the clipboard. At odds, this notification will toast from the bottom of the screen. Furthermore, Google recommends users minimize the app reads to make sure that the clipboard has access only when expected.

android 12

  • UI Changes

We know that Android 12’s theme, ‘Material You’ means that the users themselves should influence the design. It will use the color extraction protocol to personalize your phone with a custom color palette and redesigned widgets. This means your smartphone UI will change depending upon your home screen wallpaper.

android 12

Following the treaty, there is a bundle of tweaks in UI like when you tap and slide on the brightness slider, it changes color. Like the rest of the system, it extracts colors from your wallpaper. Plus, there’s a new context menu in the search bar with a thinner volume panel.

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