Google Home App receives Music suggestions tab


Google has added Music suggestions and discovery tab in the Google Home App. Music suggestion always remained a need-able feature for the Google Home. Today, Google has added that feature to the app with the Google Music Play suggestions embed in the app.

google home

Google Play Music always have those suggestions throughout the day and make it easier to find the music. Now, Google has added the similar feature to the Google Home App. So, while working, gyming, or doing any particular task at home you can easily play music of your choice. It syncs suggestions from the songs on your cast enabled apps.

The playlists are curated to match your personal tastes. If you continue to scroll over, the playlists will adjust for different artists or activities.

It has made browsing music much easier. It will help users to hit the right music track at right time. Similar option of finding the videos are also available in the update.

Users can download the updated app from the Play Store.


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