Google Keep adds new background images for users

Google Keep is a note-taking app by Google which lets users create and share their notes with others. The service is receiving a new update with a set of new background images. Google Keep background images are being added as a server-side update which is independent of the Google account and device. These images will now replace the boring slate on Google Keep and will infuse a new intuition on the app and web interface.

google keep adds new background images for users

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The backgrounds are bundled with different themes. All these backgrounds are in flat look with a shadow of material theme all around. You can change backgrounds by clicking on the palette icon in the bottom left corner.

Now, with these background images, you can set a theme for your notes making them entertaining. There is a spaghetti image that can be a perfect background for your recipes. There are many other themes also, like the one with all the vegetables suited for your shopping, a swimming pool image for vacations, and one with the pencil for studies. It doesn’t end here, there are many more to explore.

These background images are not available to everyone yet, so, chances are it is in the testing phase now. Google will push it to every device after testing, which means you have to wait for a little to use these background images. Google Keep is well known because it is easy to use and now with the background images, it would become one of the best note-taking apps. Overall, the new background images look good on the note app and will make things interesting for users.

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