Google Messages beta gets Transcribe feature for Voice Messages and direct RCS reply ability

Google has introduced a new Transcribe feature for Google Messages Beta. This feature will allow you to transcribe the voice message. If you are in a crowded situation like an elevator or a train then this feature will be a lifesaver.

google messages will now transcribe your voice messages.

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According to a report, the Transcription feature is accessible either works automatically or the user manually needs to access this feature. The automatic option will instantly convert voice to text whereas in the other one the user has to manually select the option. Also, there will be a shortcut setting that will allow users to quickly transcribe. Even after transcribing the voice memo will be still available in the conversation. There will also be an option where you can completely turn off the transcription feature.

It is currently available on the Google Messages Beta app and is expected to compete with WhatsApp. However, on WhatsApp, the feature is not alike to Google Messages, but the functionality can be achieved with third-party apps.

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This transcribe feature is one of the astonishing features but this also sprinkles a few doubts in the user’s mind. Will Google be storing the messages?  Is this another feature from Google to keep a tab on us? Well, the doubt is obvious. Since Google collects users’ data for advertising it will be hard for them to convince people. Google has to use a different level of marketing to get this right.

RCS Direct Reply Feature

Google Message beta has added another useful feature that allows users to directly reply to RCS messages as we do on WhatsApp or Telegram. A reply icon is now appearing before the messages on the app, through which users can easily reply. The attached message will be visible while replying, and the chat will jump to that message upon a touch.

There are a few other changes also like Full Emoji reactions and a revamped gallery view.



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