Google Nest Hubs bricks after a new update

On Friday, Google seems to have updated the Nest Hub and Hub Max on the weekend. In order to avoid problems that can’t be rapidly fixed by the team, firms traditionally don’t release a new version before the weekend. Following the update, Google Nest Hubs restart and/or update themselves every night. Certainly, a new problem causes certain Assistant Smart Displays to become bricked or stuck on the “Updating” screen.

google nest hubs bricks after a new update

Nest Hub owners who are affected reported on Nest Community(1) and Reddit (1), (2), seeing an “Updating” screen stuck at 99% along with the customary “Hang tight, this will take a few minutes” pop-up notification and device name in the bottom-right corner.

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Quick Fix for Bricked Nest Hubs

Some individuals have spent hours stuck on this screen. In most cases, power cycling (unplugging and plugging the power cord back in) will restore your Nest Hub’s functionality. However, Nest Hubs strangely revert to the Updating notice. This points to a more serious problem, and the best course of action is to contact Google Support. The impacted devices should receive a software update from Google soon.

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