Google Play Store Gaining 10x Revenue Than Apple App Store


play store 10x revenue

According to a report from App Annie it is suggested that Google Play Store will surpass Apple Apps Store in revenue by the end of 2013. Report claims that Google Play Store gaining 10x revenue faster that Apple’s App Store. Is this the due to in subscription, or anything else? While Android is now on 70% of smartphones globally. Earlier in November similar report claimed that Play Store revenue is up by 311% but at that time Apple’s Store was earning 4x higher than Google counterpart.

According to the data, Apple is still making a lot more money for app developers at this time than Google is: in Q4 2012 Apple brought in 350% more app revenue than Google. Wait first checkout Google’s stats (more impressive): Play Store saw an increase in its monthly revenues of almost 700% from December to January. 

App Annie’s VP of marketing, Ollie Lo, told me yesterday,“Clearly, the Google Play platform is working, and monetization is increasing, The growth is much more than organic … it’s really meteoric, especially in Japan and Korea.”

google play 10x revenue

Now its clear that Apple is now gaining much more from China while Android from Japan and South Korea. Users mostly downloaded games in Above countries. In United States also 76% of Google Play app revenue came from Games.

Finally revenue from Play Store is doubling every quarter as in Q4, 2012 its revenue was 2x than Q3 of the same year. To gather this data, Annie used its app analytics offering.

Eighty percent of the top iOS publishers by revenue use App Annie, Lo told me, with 180,000 apps in total having installed the solution. With that level of scale, the company has tracked more than 13 billion downloads and has, Lo says, all the data and scale to be able to build very accurate models of what exactly happens on apps stores.

So guys what you think?Do Play Store going to surpass Apple App store in revenue terms by the end of 2013? and is it really gaining 10x revenue than Apple App Store? Share your views via comments.

Source: App Annie

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