Google Search Expects To Add Recent Tab And Lite Mode


Google is already into everything we use online. From Web search to Mobile Phone, Adwords to Webmasters, Blogger to feedburner, YouTube to Google+,etc. Everywhere there’s a presence of Google. Similarly, Google uses its data to analyze what people are looking for and how to ease the mechanism of getting information from its clusters.

In a recent news we got to know that Google is going to add Recent Tab and Lite Mode in the Google Search. A few users have seen some new Google Search features in testing and some look like they could add nice functionality.

The first one is the Recents tab, it is going to take place on the left side of slide out menu. It is going to be useful feature which was earlier embedded into submenus.

Next up is the offline mode, yes it’s true Google is testing on Offline mode. It would allow you to tap the keywords about what you want to search, later, it will complete the search whenever it will get connection.

Last an the final is the lite mode, Obviously for slow internet users. Already Google is offering these kind of features using AMP pages. To run it full fledgedly they are testing with other options also.

The changes will be done on the server side and it will not need anything from your end.

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