Google Search Update Brings Presidential Elections Campaign Finance Information


Google has updated its search for U.S. Presidential Elections. As the days are nearing the heat in the Political Arena is rising. To make the flow of the data Google has rolled out and update which will help users to take a look at financial information of the Presidential poll.

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Google already showed some details — like candidate statements on topics such as taxes, national security, and immigration — it has now teamed up with data company Center for Responsive Politics to show key funding information.

The idea behind these efforts, explains Google, is to make it simpler to find information on topics that can still be hard to research with a simple Google Search.

In other information we can search who is trending and further we can change some metrics to better understand the elections.

So guys enjoy this new feature of the Google and stay updated with the political arena. Whenever, you will search like donald trump or clinton campaign finance, you will met with extended information in the form of cards.


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