Google updates Datally app to save data in four new ways

Google launched the Datally app to save data on Android smartphones in late November last year. The app is targeted at users in the emerging markets and it comes under Google’s Next Billion Users initiative. Now, after six months the search giant updates the app to save data in four new ways.


The four new ways to save data are Guest Mode, Daily Limit, Unused Apps, and WiFi Map respectively.

Guest Mode

With Guest Mode, users can set data limit before lending their smartphones to family or friends. Thus, from now if you have someone who uses more data than you while borrowing your phone, Datally got you covered.

Daily Limit

As the name suggests, this option will help you limit your daily data usage. Users can set their maximum limit per data and the datally app will show a warning when they exceed the limit. Users get options to either block data or keep using.

Unused Apps

According to Google, for many people, 20 percent of the mobile data is used by the apps running in the background which weren’t opened in over a month. Thus, this option will help users uninstall those unused apps on their smartphones with a single tap.

WiFi Map

The WiFi map will display all the WiFi networks nearby so that users can easily connect to the best quality network. Also, users will be able to rate those networks after they connect to it.

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The above mentioned new additions are available on the latest version of the Datally app. If you are interested, get the updated version from the Play Store now.

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