Google Voice Will Be Integrated To Hangouts Soon


According to the product manager for real time communications at Google, Nikhyl Singhal, Google VOice will be integrated to Hangouts aps very soon . We earlier already pointed out this integration couple of days ago.

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Coming in, Nikhyl Singhal addressed the removal of outgoing calls for Google voice, stating that “they’re working hard to support both [inbound and outbound] calls,” and they should both be available soon. He also assured that users can still use the Voice through Gmail.

Nikhyl Singhal’s Google+ page also shows, “the future of Google Voice.”

Hangouts is designed to be the future of Google Voice, and making/receiving phone calls is just the beginning. Future versions of Hangouts will integrate Google Voice more seamlessly.

SO guys its an excellent news for both the voice users and newly formed Google Hangout freaks. Are you waiting for this?

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Source: Nikhyl Singhal


  1. It’s about time these like products were combined. Wondering why this hasn’t been done already. Love Google Voice BTW.

  2. This is awesome for consumers. Google Hangouts will dominate the SMS, MMS and VoIP services. All we are going to really need is the Data portion of the telephone bill and cut it in half. When I had Sprint that’s was the most beautiful thing about their service, Sprint service and Google voice was one. I would be able to make calls using my Sprint/Google voice number (which was the very same number) from any internet connected device. It could have been tablet, the phone , laptops or PCs. It was magical. I hope we can get there quicker. They knew what they were doing with that. I think I just might export my phone number to Google sometime soon specially when SMS is integrated into Hangouts. That’s the beautiful.


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