Sony Xperia ZR To Get Charging Dock


Sony recently announced the younger brother to Xperia Z.  The device named as Sony Xperia ZR.  And like the Xperia Z it would also get it’s own charging dock.

xperia zr

This charging dock DK28 gives you an alternative to charge your smartphone in a very easier manner without actually opening the USB covers. The charging dock also allows you to perform various functions on your smartphone like typing messages and browsing the Internet. This dock works with a smart  connect all  that  would also allow you to choose what actions and tasks  to perform when you connect the smartphone into another device. It would allow you to configure your Xperia ZR such that it performs bald tasks on connections and opening the  set up applications too.

However the dock is not available in the market yet but the company would make it available to the users by some time.


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