Google Wallet: Send Money Via Gmail To Friends


Yesterday, Google announced about new changes on Wallet and today they have rolled its new option to the Google wallet and also added support to Gmail to send money to friends via attachment. In other words Google Wallet, a new button ($) in the Gmail compose window will allow you to easily send money as a gift or repayment. Check out how it works:

Well, its App has also been updated and now you can purchase via Google Wallet and other launch partners include Airbnb,, Uber and Expedia, among a dozen others.  It will ease out buying process which earlier consists of 21 steps and now it have reduced to just 8 steps.

This is an impressive development in mobile commerce. It will most certainly increase usage of Google+, and increase conversions for companies on their mobile apps – putting more money in their pockets to spend on advertising.

So guys head over to the Wallet site to checkout new things.

Source: Google



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