How to Create Topics in a Telegram Group

Telegram has released a new update including Topics in Groups, Collectible Usernames, Voice-to-Text for Video Messages, and more. In detail, the new update adds topics to arrange discussions for members in large groups. The new collectible usernames are secured on a blockchain. Added an option to convert video messages to text messages, and much more. However, the topics in a group allow admins to organize different parts of the discussion on a particular theme.

Telegram groups with any number of members can use the Topics feature and create a different section for discussion. But, the topics feature can only be enabled and deemed by the admin. In topics, members of the group can use the polls, pinned messages, and bots features.

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Create Topics in a Telegram Groups

To enable and use the topic feature in a group follow the steps below:

  1. Admins have to click on the group icon and tap on ‘Edit’.
  2. On the latest Telegram version, admins can enable the Topics to feature available below Reactions.
  3. After enabling the feature, admins must organize a topic by clicking on the three dots and tapping on ‘New Topic’.
  4. Admins can put any title of the topic and create it.
  5. To start the discussion, admins need to send a message to it.
  6. Now, Admins can also choose a particular member among the group to let him/her create Topics after receiving the required permission.

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