Telegram update brings features such as sign up without phone numbers and more

Telegram has started pushing a new update to its app. The update introduces various features, including Topics 2.0, removes SIM requirements for sign-up, auto-deletes all chats, and improves privacy. It is a massive update to improve user privacy. Let’s look into each of the improvements in the Telegram update;

Users can sign up without a SIM card.

One advantage of Telegram over WhatsApp is that one can hide the number of them from other users. The option also allows the user to choose to whom the phone number should be visible. The app also gave the option to choose whether any user contacts them via the phone number or not.

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It now brings a feature where users can sign up for Telegram without a phone number. One can sign up using blockchain-powered anonymous numbers available on the Fragment platform.

Auto-Delete all chats

The self-destruction for individual chats came to Telegram in 2013. Unlike WhatsApp, which displays a trace, one could easily delete messages without leaving any trace in Telegram. It also allows setting individual timers for self-destruction in individual chats. Now, the app introduces a new feature where one can set one single timer for deleting all messages. Head to Settings, open Privacy and Security, and tap on Auto-Delete Message to enable this feature.

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Once this is set, all new messages will delete automatically after the chosen time expires. That said, the auto-delete feature is available for groups too. Any member with the privilege to change the group name & icon can enable it apart from group admins. Telegram aims at ultimate privacy by introducing sign-up without phone numbers and auto-delete features.

Topics 2.0

The previous update introduced a feature where a group with large members can discuss certain topics. The idea behind this was to merge internet forums into Telegram. The app now brings Topics 2.0, which allows groups with at least 100 members to be eligible for the feature.

The groups with discussion will be seen in a two-column mode. Groups will have a default channel named General. It will display the group’s messages and pre-topic message history.

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The admins can rename the channel or hide it from the main interface of the group. If the user wants to view all the latest messages at once, he can switch to ‘View as Messages’ mode. One can tap the new button in the preview to switch to the latest topic direct from your chat list. It also brings a bolder accent color for the badge counters for topics you have already visited. In contrast, the topics you’ve never opened will use a lighter color. Telegram also supports pinning up to 5 topics, each of which can pin unlimited messages.

Preventing Spam

Telegram is one of the popular apps where users are targeted to spam daily. Most group admins used to rely on third-party anti-spam bots to save them from attacks. Telegram now brings its algorithm to prevent spam.

Group admins with over 200 members can turn on the new Aggressive mode for the automated spam filters. The group admins can report any wrong action against the aggressive mode in recent actions.

Emoji search for iOS and new custom & interactive emojis

Telegram is rolling out the emoji search for iOS users that previously Android users had. The premium users will now have over 10 more custom emoji packs.

The existing emojis will also be more interactive now. All users can also use the same stickers.

Temporary QR Codes & Storage upgrades on Android

The update brings an option to generate a temporary QR code, which can be used to find you instead of the username. Scanning the code will redirect to your profile on Telegram. Telegram also redesigns the storage page in Android, similar to iOS. It will now display how much space each chat consumes.

One can also clear media of individual chats and filter it by its type. Telegram also improves the design of loading elements like messages in chats, profile pictures, and live locations. The app can also support opening Live Locations in third-party map apps.


Basith Rahman PP
Basith Rahman PP
Basith is a CA student who is also a tech evangelist and an auto lover who works with and talks about latest news in tech and auto industry. Apart from this, Basith is a traveller, foodie and a movie buff.


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