HTC One M8 Availability In UK


With the release of the HTC One M8 yesterday, users around the world have been wondering that when the device would be featured in their Country.


If you belong to UK, then we have a good news for you, as have the details about the availability of HTC One M8 in the UK.

Some Phones4u stores in London already have the devices and the remaining would have the stock by today. Phones4u will have the device in Glacial Silver and Gunmetal Grey. Also they will make the phone available in Amber Gold color in the coming weeks. Phones4u will be selling the SIM-free variant fora price of £529.95 (16 GB), or for free with a new two-year contract at £42 each month.

EE will make the device available by tomorrow online and also on its telesales channel, while it will arrive on their retail store by March 27. Whereas Carphone the device in selected stores in London while the Gold Amber Color would arrive by April 7. They are selling the SIM free variant for a price of £549.95 (32 GB), or free on a new two-year contract at £42 per month.


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