India asks WhatsApp to withdraw its controversial privacy policy


WhatsApp‘s privacy policy is getting mixed feedback making it more controversial. Recently the company alleged several other apps for collecting the same data. However, the Indian IT ministry still requested WhatsApp to withdraw the policy. The government has given seven days to WhatsApp to give a satisfactory response or else it will take legal actions accordingly.

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In the letter sent to the messaging app, the government raised “grave concerns” and asked it to withdraw the policy. However, WhatsApp only pushed the deadline from February 8 to May 15 after public backlash.

With the passing deadline, WhatsApp started limiting its functions and shutting down the chatroom for many who refused to agree to the policy terms. In the fresh letter sent, the government body said that it violates several provisions of Indian laws and rules.

As mentioned, the government has given a week to reply with a satisfactory response or it will consider various options available to it under laws in India,” to deal with the matter. Additionally, it adds that WhatsApp’s policy “undermines the sacrosanct values of informational privacy, data security and user choice for Indian users, and harms the rights and interests of Indian citizens.

Furthermore, the IT ministry questioned the social platform that why it is enforcing the policy in India and those in Europe have been deferred. To be more precise, the letter says, “It is not just problematic, but also irresponsible, for WhatsApp to leverage this position to impose unfair terms and conditions on Indian users, particularly those that discriminate against Indian users vis-à-vis users in Europe.

On May 10, WhatsApp declared that it will limit its functionality for users who do not agree with the current privacy terms. On the contrary, the company says that it has not deleted any accounts nor limited the functions, despite instances available.

WhatsApp’s response to the latest notice by the Indian government is still awaited. Stay tuned for further updates on the matter.

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