Samsung Galaxy devices expected to get Android 8.0 Oreo update


I hope you all know that Samsung was once notorious in terms of providing timely major update to its Galaxy devices. However, the firm has now changed a lot and had implemented major overhaul in its software update policy. It’s evident from the effective pushing of Nougat update to most of the eligible Galaxy devices, though little late.

samsung devices android 80-oreoBy the way, now it’s not a time to talk about Nougat. Since, all of us eyes are on the latest Android Oreo. And I’m sure, the big question that bothers certain Galaxy users is regarding the Oreo update to their devices. After all, Samsung is still mum and didn’t provide any official confirmation regarding Oreo, unlike the OEM’s such as Motorola.

Nevertheless, based on Samsung updates history, data from other reliable sources and certain analysis. We have prepared a list of Samsung devices expected to taste Android Oreo in near future.

So, below are the Galaxy devices which has got higher probability of getting Oreo update from Samsung.

Galaxy S8

It’s not to be mentioned that, Android Oreo is confirmed for this recent flagship. Samsung has already kick-started Oreo development for this gorgeous device. Further, should be the first Samsung handset to be blessed with Android Oreo. And, the Oreo will marks the first major update for the Galaxy S8.

Galaxy S8+

Galaxy S8+, just like its smaller brother Galaxy S8. It is confirmed for the Oreo update and the Oreo firmware development has started.

Galaxy S8 Active

Galaxy S8 Active

The active variant of the Galaxy S8 is not yet confirmed for the Oreo update. However, highly likely to get its first major update in the form of Android Oreo.

Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note8 side view

Currently, the beast and king of all the Galaxy devices is the one and only one Samsung device to run Nougat 7.1.1. Definitely, Samsung would push Android 8.0, the first major OS upgrade for the Bigger Galaxy Note 8. Most probably the next in pipeline after Galaxy S8/S8+.

Galaxy Note FE

samsung note 7 fan edition
Samsung Note 7 Fan Edition

Galaxy Note FE – only 40,000 units worldwide and just restricted to South Korean market. Doesn’t hinder its fate of getting Android Oreo. After all, it is the live evidence of Samsung’s loyal customers of Note series even after the company disappointed them last year. The Note FE ships with Nougat 7.0 and the Android Oreo will be the first major OS upgrade.

Galaxy S7 galaxy s7 deals

Galaxy S7, the last years flagship had already received a major OS upgrade to Nougat 7.0. But, one more OS upgrade is in its destiny as Samsung pushes atleast 2 major updates for the flagship S-series devices.

Galaxy S7 edge

galaxy s7 edge

The edge variant of Galaxy S7 is titled the best smartphone of 2016. Should get the second major upgrade to Android Oreo.

Galaxy S7 Active


For the Galaxy S7 Active, Android 8.0 will be the second major upgrade.

Galaxy A7 (2017)

Galaxy A7 2017

Eventhough a 2017 device, the Galaxy A7(2017) boots Marshmallow out of the box. However, received the Nougat update just a month ago. Nevertheless, A7 usually gets atmost two major updates and the Oreo will be the second and final one.

Galaxy A5 (2017)

Similar to its larger sibling A7(2017), the Galaxy A5(2017) is expected to get second major update to Android Oreo.

Galaxy A3 (2017)

Android Oreo 8.0 will be the second major update to the 2017 iteration of Galaxy A3

Galaxy J7 (2017)/Pro Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro

Samsung usually provides at least one major OS update for J5 and J7 models. So, the 2017 variant of J7 ought to get its first major update.

Galaxy J5 (2017)/Pro

J5 models usually get at least one major OS upgrade. The Android 8.0 will be the first major one.

Galaxy J7 Max

The MediaTek powered Galaxy J7 Max launched in 2017 will get Oreo as its first major update.

Galaxy C9 ProSamsung Galaxy C9 Pro front, back and side

Android 8.0 will be the second major OS upgrade for this C-series device

Galaxy C7 Pro

Yet didn’t receive the Nougat update, but soon it will be available for C7 Pro. Moreover, second major upgrade in the form of Oreo is destined for the Galaxy C7 Pro.

Although, devices such as Galaxy S8/S8+ and Note 8 are 100 percent sure of getting the update. Some of the device mentioned above may not be blessed with the Oreo due to some technical issues. Or, Samsung might surprise us with the Oreo update pushing to devices that are not in the list. Moreover, neither the exact time nor ETA of the update can be predicted now and is beyond our scope and even Samsung.


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