No OnePlus Foldable Phone Soon, Focus on Smart TV- OnePlus


Most of the companies started working on a foldable phone. While some companies like Royale, Samsung and Huawei have already unveiled their foldable phones. In an interview with an Italian blog,, OnePlus CEO revealed that they are not bringing a Foldable phone soon to the market. Instead, they have plans to focus on Smart Home Products such as Smart TV and more.


Mr. Pete Lau said in a statement that he believes foldable phones are still new to the industry and will take some time for its growth. He also states that they do not do anything special that a traditional phone can’t do. He didn’t completely deny the new technology and said the foldable displays provide interesting capabilities to the smartphones. But the size for foldable phones is still too thick for a normal user to use also the radius of curvature needs to be reduced for now. He concludes his interview by saying, it will take time for the technology to develop.

On asking about the future plans, Mr. Pete Lau showered some light on the current plans – a new TV with smart displays. On asking about the reason to choose smart displays’, he responded by saying that the home is the next area they would like to focus on. “TVs haven’t changed much in decades, people still get home and pick up the remote to turn on the TV,” he says this method has become outdated. Further, he talked about a screen powered by AI that could predict your needs based on your habits and actions.

In order to achieve this target, OnePlus says there’s a need for seamless interaction between the phone and the upcoming smart display – a type of unifying ecosystem. This is actually the main theme for OnePlus. The company also showered some light on the plans to include the cars and offices in this ecosystem.

OnePlus is building a platform for all automobiles that can seamlessly communicate with other devices. However, it may have plans to build PCs to get into the work environment.


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