Now Say “OK Google” Anywhere: Google Search 3.5.14

Google Search app Updated With Many New Features


The ongoing Google I/O conference has not stopped Google fro rolling out its scheduled updates. Google Search 3.5.14 is now here and brings some pretty interesting features with it.


The new Google Search update now lets you use the Google Search from anywhere in your phone, which means you dont necessarily have to be on the home screen to use the Google Search feature. Just say “OK Google” on your phone, no matter where you are, browsing videos, playing games, texting or anything else, Google Search will do it for you. The new update even lets you use the Google Search when your phone is locked. So now you dont have to hurry back to the home screen to use Google search, just say the hotwords “OK Google” and Google Search will be at your service.

Another interesting bit about the new update is that it introduces Audio History feature. This feature uses your past voice searches to create an audio history that will help create suggestions for your future searches and make your searches more accurate.

In case you feel thats intruding in your privacy, you can turn off the Audio History feature. For more info on this Audio History feature, click here.

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