OnePlus 9R receives OxygenOS Update

Updating a smartphone is one way of keeping it brand new, and no one knows this better than OnePlus. OnePlus phones are meant for performance, and any update is significant for enthusiasts. The OnePlus 9R is one of the brand’s latest models in the market. Keeping these flagships updated is crucial to the company. And now, the OnePlus 9R receives OxygenOS update with no Ui uplifts or changes upfront. Still, there are enough changes under the hood to make your phone feel even better.

oneplus 9r receives oxygenos update

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The update will be available globally, and like always, OnePlus will distribute it in batches. As we said, there are minimal UI patches, and the actual changes lie under the hood. From critical stability improvements to mild touches for the UI, let’s see what the update has to offer.

OnePlus 9R OxygenOS Update

The update mainly focuses on stability and thermal improvements. My users reported excess heating while using certain apps. OnePlus had acknowledged the issue earlier and has optimized the overheating control management of third-party apps. The update comes with the latest Android security patch 2021.07 and GMS package 2021.06. OnePlus in their changelog, also mentioned that they’ve fixed known issues and optimized the Quick Reply experience. 

OnePlus has added the screenshot feature for AOD (Always-on Display) and the Bitmoji AOD. The company designed the Bitmoji AOD with some help from Snapchat & Bitmoji. The user can now set their Avatar in the AOD. Just in case if they need others to know who the owner is. 

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Like we said earlier, this OTA will reach the users in batches to avoid network traffic and widespread critical failures. As in the past, OnePlus always distribute the update to a small percentage of users at first. A broader rollout can be expected in the following days. 


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