[Update: Severe Battery Drain and Wireless Charging Issues Fixed] Google Pixel 6 Issues on Android 13 [Bugs Tracker]

After development for over a year, the Stable Android 13 is rolled out. Is it a major update? Yes, But it is a more refined version of the Android 12 in other words. The stable version is out now, but it does carry some issues and bugs. We have compiled a list of all the Google Pixel 6 issues on Android 13.

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Pixel 6 Issues on Android 13

[September 06, 2022]: Pixel 6 issues of severe battery drain and wireless charging has been fixed with the September 2022 Security patch update.

[August 29, 2022]: Pixel 6 devices are getting affected by severe battery drain after updating to Android 13. Several users are reporting the issue, and the drain is consistent even if the users are not using it.

Another user reports that even after turning off the background activity and switching to a 60Hz refresh rate, the issue persists. Several Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro users seem to be affected by the issue.

[update: severe battery drain and wireless charging issues fixed] google pixel 6 issues on android 13 [bugs tracker]
Dysfunctional wireless charging (Fixed)

After upgrading to Android 13 many Pixel 6 users faced wireless charging issues. For a few users, it even showed a “not charging” message. Several Pixel 4, 4 XL, 6, and 6 Pro users posted on Twitter and Reddit about this issue.

issues on android 13 in pixel 6.
image credit: android authority

For Pixel 6 and 6 Pro users, this issue gets even worse. They won’t be able to downgrade to Android 12.

Update: The issue has been fixed with the Pixel 6 getting September 2022 Security patch Update.

Google Fi users could not access Rich Communication Services (RCS)

After the launch of Android 13, a few Google Fi users reported the issue of RCS not working on the mobile data. After that, on August 22 2022 Google announced that the “issue has been resolved” and that “RCS messaging should now be back to normal for all Fi customers.”

issues on android 13 in pixel 6.
image credit: 9to5google

This issue could have been rectified by tweaking settings on the phone a little but it didn’t take much time for Google to sort it out.

Malfunction of Multimedia control

Most of the media player application has shown some sort of defects in the latest Android 13 version.

issues on android 13 in pixel 6.
image credit: twitter

The most common one is missing media player’s icons. These are something Android can fix quickly and can be expected in the next update

The color of a few application icons can’t match the background

One of the most interesting features of the Android 13 is its adaptive theme feature where the launcher will detect the background and colour shift the icons to match them.

issues on android 13 in pixel 6.
image credit: twitter.

Finding bugs in this feature is quite disappointing.

Mobile network usage is causing the battery to drain excessively

google pixel 6 issues on android 13 [bugs tracker]
image credit: 9to5google
Android is comparatively less weight and smooth than its previous version. It was expected to increase battery health and life. But the result was the exact opposite. The device that Android 13 was installed on started draining battery excessively while using, and especially while traveling and using applications with mobile network turned ON.

Preferred network type (turn off 5G) option missing.

This issue was reported by a few of the users. It’s kind of like Android 13 is trying to force users to stick to the 5G network for some reason.

issues on android 13 in pixel 6.
image credit: reddit.
Google Assistant is still stuck in dark mode, and can’t turn back to the light mode
issues on android 13 in pixel 6.
image credit: phonandroid
Sent GIF or media duplicates

The files that are sent through messengers and other social media are getting duplicated. It is taking a lot of space and deleting them separately is time-consuming and hectic.

The user interface is not optimized in the Permission Controller app

Android 13 has introduced a feature of unified Security and Privacy page and auto-deleting clipboard history to avoid sensitive data leakage. This feature was basic and very helpful. But it didn’t come out as expected. The setting was not fully optimized and there were scrolling issues.

google pixel 6 issues on android 13 [bugs tracker]
image credit: umang chamaria
The bottom navigation part of the Gmail app has a glitch

Android team is famous for its detailing. If you look at the new media controller you can identify even minute changes they have brought into it, especially on the media player scrub bar. Nobody would have thought about it. Issues like this are not something that can be expected on Android but the good news is that they can be fixed in the update.

A mixture of light themes and dark themes appears in a few parts of the application

We all know how cool and useful the dark themes or night modes are. Here you can see there are a few errors in the optimization of this feature. A few parts of the application appear to be dark and others don’t. This is when switched back to the light theme.

google pixel 6 issues on android 13 [bugs tracker]
image credits: waveform podcast
Weird QS tiles animation in landscape mode with the player only in expanded view

In the new Android 13, developers introduced new styles for QS tiles. Minimalistic and Impressive design if you ask. But there are a few issues regarding the animations of the landscape mode that have been reported by the users.

google pixel 6 issues on android 13 [bugs tracker]
image credit: android authority
Device page in Device & sharing setting stuck in collapsed view

While trying to share a file the device and sharing setting page gets freezed in the collapsed view and doesn’t respond for a few minutes. However, the issue gets solved after a few minutes but persists when they again tried to share the file.

Scrolling issues on most of the Settings and applications

The issue affects most of Pixel 6 units on Android 13. When you are trying to scroll down, the page is going up. But this time this same bug has appeared in a different form.

image credit: android authority
image credit: reddit
When the Game mode is opened in the setting the device goes to the lock screen

Every time when the user tries to open game mode in the settings the device goes to the lock screen. Different users have different issues regarding this. A few of them are stuck in the Settings loop while some other face setting app crashes and so on. People on Reddit started asking whether the game mode on the android 13 is broken.

google pixel 6 issues on android 13 [bugs tracker]
image credit: reddit
Some of the starting animations of the applications are incomplete

This is something most users expect when a new version or a major update rolls. Similarly, the starting animations of the applications are not fully rendered.

Swipe/back gestures show broken animation

Sometimes while swiping back the users can see a small arrow popped on the left side of the display.

google pixel 6 issues on android 13 [bugs tracker]
image credit: moviesrulz
Invisible or Hidden Home screen icons and widgets

Some users are reporting that after moving the application icon or widget to the home screen it became hidden or invisible. They tried it multiple times and the results were all same. Some users have complained about finding the incorrect icons.

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If you are planning to flash or update Pixel 6 to Android 13 then you may have to re-think again. Another major issue a few users facing now are the malfunction of wireless charging. And the report says that there is no fix for that since it will be directly affecting the device hardware. In a few Pixel phones, even Google is trying to stop users to upgrade from Android 12 to Android 13.

Google and its team are working hard to resolve all these Pixel 6 issues on Android 13. The last update has tried to fix most of the issues but some issues are yet to be rectified. We suggest our readers wait for Android 13 to get fully stable.

  1. You state that Google fixed the wireless charging issue.
    They did not.
    More than 1 year later they are shipping pixel 6s with Android 13 installed that don’t wireless charge out of the box. I’m trying a 2nd but hold little hope of success.
    It is beyond incredible that a company with the resources of Google sell defective products and do absolutely nothing to rectify the situation


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