Download Soloop Video Editor Latest Version [Old Versions Archived]

Realme Soloop is a compact video editing application developed to create instant slideshows of photos and videos. With this app, you will be able to edit photos and videos manually by adding some cool transition effects, filters, and changing texts. Here are all the versions that Realme has spun for the Soloop Video editor app. The latest update bears the firmware number v1.44.5.


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Download Soloop Video Editor App

Interestingly, the Soloop application is also available to download on Oppo smartphones. This app is currently available in the App market. In case you want to download & install it manually (APK), then follow below.

  • [May 6, 2022]: Version v1.44.5

Realme is upgrading the Soloop Video Editor once again for Android 12 or later users.

Download Soloop v1.44.5

  • [May 4, 2022]: Version v1.41.8

A new update is rolling out for the Soloop Video Editor. The global users of Android 12 or later can tap on the button below and check out the changes.

Download Soloop v1.41.8

  • [April 7, 2022]: Version v1.41.1

The Soloop Video Editor is getting another update that is compatible with the devices running Android 12 or later

Download Soloop v1.41.1

  • [February 24, 2022]:¬†Version v1.44.4

The global users of Android 12 can flash the new beta update of the Realme Soloop Video Editor by tapping on the button below

Download Soloop v1.44.4

  • [January 31, 2022]: Version v1.44.3

Realme is releasing a new update for the Soloop Video Editor with version v1.44.3. The build is available in the beta phase for the global users of Android 12 or later.

Download Soloop v1.44.3

  • [October 14, 2021]: Version v1.41.3

An updated version of Soloop Video Editor is released globally with version number v1.41.3. The stable update is Compatible with Android 11 or later. Again, this version also may not work on Chinese ROM.

Download Soloop v1.41.3

  • [October 4, 2021]: Version – v1.42.1

Realme has updated the Soloop Video Editor app and the update is now live for global users. The update is a stable one and will work on devices running on Android 10 or above. However, the updated app may not work on Chinese ROM. The global users can get the latest version from the below link.

Download Soloop v1.42.1

  • [August 19, 2021]: Version – v1.39.0

The refreshed v1.39.0 of Soloop Video editor is live globally. Users with devices running Android 8 or higher versions can grab the latest version from the link below.

Download Soloop v1.39.0

  • [April 19, 2021]: Version – v1.32.1

This update brings a couple of new features like AI cut feature (10 s, 15 s, 20 s, 30 s), new add-ons that enable users to record recently used templates for the AI cut feature, and the Word art module. It allows you to edit font size, color and uses word art fonts during manual edit. The latest update also allows you to Categorize Photos & Videos Automatically.

  • Added duration options for the AI cut feature. (10 s, 15 s, 20 s, 30 s)
  • Added the records of recently used templates for the AI cut feature.
  • Added the Word art module. You can now edit font size, color, and use word art fonts during manual edit.

The Soloop Video Editor v1.32.1 is globally available for Android 10 and Android 11 running devices. Click on the below link to download this version.

Download Soloop v1.32.1

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