Qualcomm alleged of attacking Apple in a political style campaign


As per a new report by Business Insider, it is said that Qualcomm is the third tech company that is involved in funding negative reports against Apple. Not only Business Insider, some other sources such as NYTimes also referred to a similar allegation against Qualcomm. According to Business Insider’s Kif Leswing said that west cast head of Definers had made a possible link to the fines Apple “was incurring related to the legal action” between it and Qualcomm.

The consultant, Definers, a Washington D.C firm has applied political campaign tactics to corporate relations, a strategy that only recently made its way to Silicon Valley. Definers said another, unnamed tech company funded its work on Apple.

Mr. Miller acknowledged that Facebook and Apple do not directly compete. Definers’ work on Apple is funded by a third technology company, he said, but Facebook has pushed back against Apple because Mr. Cook’s criticism upset Facebook.

This is the output of the fight between Apple and Qualcomm on different occasions. There are many sanctions against each other which might have lead to rivalry. Right now, the new angle, in this case, has put Qualcomm at the backside. Now, waiting for some official wordings from both the companies.



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