Chrome can restore group tabs via browser History and Bookmarks

It’s been a while since Google enabled the group tab feature for later use. It enables the user to group open websites with a single click and even label them with custom names and colors. However, a flag spotted recently depicts that the tabs will rather be shifted to Chrome history, here’s how.

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With the reference to the above video, grouped tabs will get their own dedicated section in the History menu. The tabs present in the group that appears in the sub-menus can be restored separately all at once.

However, it is not yet sure if the ‘Restore all tabs’ option will restore all tabs altogether or not. In case it does, it represents that Google has initiated testing cross-device tab group syncing.

Show app menu history sub menus

Show app menu history sub menus for the contents of recently closed tab groups and windows. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS.#tab-restore-sub-menus

Moreover, Google is reportedly working to enable users to collapse the group tab to the bookmarks menu in a more systematic and expressive way. This means, unlike before, the selected tabs will be stored as bookmarks with nested folder names by right-clicking one of the tabs in the group and select ‘Bookmark All Tabs.’

Add folders for tab groups on Bookmark All Tabs

When the user has one or more tab groups open and selects “Bookmark All Tabs”, instead of getting a folder with a flat list of tabs, they will now see nested folders for any tab groups, with naming aligned with the tab group title. The order of urls and nested folders will match the tab strip order. If multiple tab groups share the same title, their tabs will get combined into a single folder at the index of the first group.Bug: 1181583

If these two features roll out in a stable channel, the Chrome experience will definitely be enhanced. But keep in note, the developer’s flag does not guarantee if the trait will make it out to the stable ChromeOS.

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