Review: AGM M7 – world’s biggest speaker smartphone

A new company is trying to make space in the smartphone industry, AGM. The brand mainly focuses on developing durable rugged devices, protecting them from every kind of damage in all conditions. Most rugged smartphones have been tested to tough IP68 standards. Last month, the company launched AGM M7, the world’s biggest speaker smartphone.

agm m7


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AGM M7 is a classic smartphone with all the essential features available at a starting range. It is one of the cheapest and elite rugged phones out with a price tag of $99 (approx INR Rs. 75,00). Let’s take a review of the new rugged device.

agm m7


The latest M7 member of the AGM family features a bar-shaped design. The smartphone displays a black plastic material body with a LED torch at the upper side. Needless to say, this too is built to face any damage. The phone carries a thin bumper at the sides, enhancing the protection.

agm m7

Call it old-fashioned but the 21 keys keypad is more styled this time. As mentioned, the phone is water and shock-resistant with an IP68 rating. On the other side, the earth-shaped amplifier is the world’s biggest speaker!

agm m7

Beneath the speakers is the logo of AGM with a customizable button and Sim card slot at the side. While the bottom is equipped with a 3.5mm audio jack and Type-C charging port.

agm m7


Above the styled keys, there’s a 2.4-inch tiny touch screen for user interaction. The graphics are not major, but the clarity and brightness are commendable with 240 x 320 pixels resolution. It does not need any shield for protection as the quality is designed to resist any situation.

agm m7


It uses a simplified version of Android Oreo that easily supports the small screen, Android 8.1. Under the hood, a Quad-core 1.5 GHz processor-based MediaTek MT6739 powers the device.

The model offers 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage that is enough to manage all pre-installed apps like FB and WhatsApp. There is no option to extend the memory configuration so manage your files accordingly.

agm m7

Also, there is no kind of app store available so you have to manage some other links to flash any other application. This will be a good choice who use a smartphone for basic use with a touch of smart support.


Obviously, you don’t expect a good camera quality from these phones. But it is equipped with a 2MP rear camera housed above the speakers. For selfies, the phone has a 0.3MP lens, don’t expect good quality pictures from the smartphone. Also, there is no flash on either side, so let’s just say it’s okay for the day.

agm m7


The battery has a capacity of 2,500 mAh, but with the lower software and screen interaction, it can last for up to four days! The removable battery comes with a 5W of adapter.

agm m7


The rugged smartphone supports 4G connectivity that would provide a good speed to the small device. Moreover, users tend to be satisfied with the performance with the support of GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. Plus, it has the ability to clear all DNS cache by long pressing the * button. On the side, there is a customizable button that perform functions such as open camera, push to talk, turn on/off the torch, and so on.

agm m7


This smartphone is strong enough at the best possible price providing an exceptional battery backup. The durable handy rugged design provide a strong grip and speakers will blow any smartphone away. But the camera and storage are the concerning factors. AGM M7 is ideal for those who are looking for a less digital and more simple smartphone.

agm m7

Tap on the button to head to the picture gallery of the decent embedded smartphone.

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AGM -M7 - a rugged smartphone featuring an alphanumeric keypad that runs Android OS. The presence of MIL-STD-810 and IP68 certification proves its mettle against dust and water. It is also a drop-proof device that provides a massive battery backup. Review: AGM M7 - world’s biggest speaker smartphone