Review: Easily Recover Deleted Data With EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard


Since the invention of smart devices, storage has played a pivotal role in the storing heaps of content in a little physical space. Nowadays we can store TBs of data on a Storage Device which is shorter than our hand. There are many forms of storage like Hard Drives, SSDs, USB Drives, Pendrives, Flash Drives, memory Cards and many others.

easeus free data recovery software

Every Computing machine comes with a storage space and if we particularly talk about the Desktops or Laptops than Hard Drives come handy fro storage.

Hard Drives can store lot of content and are cheaper mode of Storage and even faster than other few media.  But there’s one bigger drawback for the Hard Drives i.e recovering the deleted content. It is quite difficult to recover the deleted data on hard drive.

There are few softwares that can recover the deleted content easily. We call the Data Recovery Softwares, there are plenty of softwares which can recover your data up to some extent.

Today we are going to review one of them i.e EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.


In this little package of few megabytes, EaseUS has packed full fledged Data Recovery Software. It has beautiful design for easily performing recovery tasks. Even the search option have variety of tools, you can search by naming different extension types.


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard packs elegant and easily understandable Design. It allows easy recovery of deleted files from the Hard Drive. You just need few clicks to recover from any kind of data loss. You can do anything without any confusion.


  • It just not recover files from your harddrive, You can recover files from different Storages by connecting them to your Laptop or PC. You can recover from Camera, Flash Drive, Mobile, Digital hard drive, Music Player and any other form of Media.
  • It can help you to receiver data from Virus Attack, Faulty Hard Drive, OS Crash, partition Loss, Raw Partition and much more. You can utilize it’s features to recover 99% of your data.
  • It inbuilts Provides Deep level scanning technology which makes it one of the best free data recovery software.
  • You can even Export, Import the results of any scan.
  • Can recover your emails from Outlook server and others.


As every recovery software takes lot of CPU Usage and time. EaseUS provides results in little less time and with the less usage of resources. It recovers around 98% of data as we tested on a normal hard drive. The rate drops to 95% if the hard drive is reformatted. But if we compare these results with the other best softwares than it matches all those standards.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is free for use for the recovery of data which is less than 500 MB. You can purchase this useful software for Rs. 5145 which roughly translates to USD$ 80.

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