Samsung announces SmartThings Station smart home product at CES 2023

Samsung Electronics has announced the novel, easy-to-use smart home hub with easy controls and capable of connecting multiple devices easily. Apart from that, the company has revealed several products such as QLED and LED TVs and Flex Hybrid concept products. However, the new SmartThings Station lets users convert different phases of the home environment, adding routines to add convenience and help to save energy waste by smartly switching off lights and other appliances.

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The new Station hub can be set up quickly and it is compatible with a variety of smart home products such as Matter products. The Executive Vice President and Head of SmartThings stated that “Having a smarter home should not be complicated or expensive. So we wanted to create SmartThings Station – a simple, reliable, affordable smart home product”.

SmartThings Stations

When you turn on the device for the first time, a pop-up notification appears on the user’s smartphone to guide the process. SmartThings Station makes the pre-set routines easier with the SmartThings mobile app. users can toggle up to three different routines by pressing the smart button with short, long, and double presses.

SmartThings Station can be used as a powerful wireless charging pad with 15-watt support. You can also opt to receive an alert when fully charged.

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The SmartThings Station will launch in the United States and South Korea. The product will be available in black and white colour variants from February 2023 in the USA.


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