Samsung Capture v4.8.04.2 reports crash of scrolling screenshot function

Samsung Capture is an official screenshot app for Galaxy devices that allows users to take screenshots easily. The platform often receives new updates but the recent Samsung Capture v4.8.04.2 seems to create problems for some users.

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The recent update for Samsung Capture v4.8.04.2 bought some unknown changes as the company did not issue an official changelog. But we do know about bugs that are hindering the user experience. Some users who have updated the platform to the latest version are facing unwanted problems. Here are some of the reviews.

After the latest update, scrolling screenshots now have the preview of the screenshot along the side of the left side of the captured image. It’s inconsistent down the length of the picture, ruining the screenshots I try to take. (Which are pretty important pieces of writing advice! The words are covered and unreadable thanks to the preview.) Is there a fix to this?Scrolling screenshot doesn’t work properly? (Text getting cut off, preview not omitted)

There is something wrong with my screenshots as of lately and when I take one screenshot, the tools are in the way and when I try to screenshot a whole page or article. It’s been like this since September. Do I need to empty my storage?

samsung capture v4.8.04.2 reports crash of scrolling screenshot function

If it helps, some affected users have mentioned that switching back to the previous versions of the app is a temporary fix for the issue. However, it is not recommended to stick to an older version because of security vulnerabilities and other concerns. But you can try this in the meanwhile.

I found a solution and would like to let people know who are having the same issues/ and Samsung know. If someone is having this issue, go to apps Samsung capture and uninstall the update (top right 3 dots)

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