Latest Chrome OS 107 brings ‘Save Desk For Later’ on Your Chromebooks

The Latest Chrome OS 107 update lets you ‘Save Desk For Later‘ on your Chromebooks. So if you have a Chrome OS device, then this update can surprise you. Google has rolled out the new Chrome OS 107 which includes some new features, improvements, and more.

chrome 107

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Chrome OS 107 Features

Save Desk for Later

The ‘Save Desk for Later’ feature lets you save the desk quickly from the overview screen using the buttons available on the left side of the window. After saving, users can access the desk later from the ‘Saved for Later’ screen, which is available on the right side of the ‘New Desk’ screen. Users can put a name to the saved desk, check the creation date, and also see a row of open fav icons. Tapping on any of the saved desks will be launched immediately.

chrome 107 chrome 107 chrome 107 chrome 107

Long-press access accented letters on physical keyboards

The Chrome OS 107 brings a top strip including a close button for the desk when you hover to open the open desks. By Pressing it, it will close the desk for a short time, and an ‘Undo’ button will appear at the bottom to reverse the action.

chrome 107

According to the reports coming, Google has been continuously working on a desk merging capability. The ‘Recent’ view on the File app has been revamped with a new ‘Documents’ filter. The list will appear based on the time period rather than a random list. Additionally, on a virtual keyboard, you will now be able to long-press to access accented letters. You can achieve the same with physical keys as well.

If your Chromebook based on Chrome OS 107 does not have the long-press to access accented letters feature, you can enable it by navigating the link here- chrome://flags/#enable-cros-diacritics-on-physical-keyboard-longpress.

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