Skype New Update Brings Back Popular Features


Microsoft in an attempt to stay in the trend has been updating its popular messaging app, Skype frequently. Following the Stories update and add-ins for various functions like GIFs and gradient messages, Microsoft has released yet another update for Skype this week.

This update was based on the feedback given by Skype users and Microsoft seemed to have listened them. Microsoft had removed the status feature in the previous update and it has brought it back again. You can now again view the online status of your Skype contacts in your chat screen.

The new update has also brought back the native sharing capabilities of the app. This means you can now share your messages, links or media directly from your chat screen to other apps installed on your phone.

Microsoft has also done a lot of modifications to the app like tweaking the interface to give it a polished look, adding new themes and improving the interface of the chat screen. Other updates include bug fixes to delete contacts and conversations and using other apps while you are in a call.

The update is available for both iOS and Android and the features are rolling out to users who have the version of the app released on or after July 12. Keep in mind that you can only witness the new features only if you and your Skype contacts have the latest version.

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