SoundCloud premium users can save music locally on Devices with Latest update


At a time when shutdown of SoundCloud music service looms large, the company has issued an update for premium users. The changelog says, “With more than 150 million tracks on SoundCloud, there’s always more great content to save. This update lets you save your playlists offline to external SD cards, meaning you can listen to even more of your favorite music, no matter where you are.”


This means paid users will now be able to download their music to external SD cards. Go and Go+ users already had the luxury of offline music a year ago along with Spotify users, but this feature gives SoundCloud the upper hand.

These updates seem to be last moves of a dying company that might go off radar soon. So, this is a way to allow users to download their favorite tracks and albums before they disappear into thin air. Recent reports said that the company only has funds to keep it afloat till Q4 in 2017. That is less than 50 days from now. The end of SoundCloud would mean the end of a huge library of music, leaving a void very hard to fill for many.

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