Indian Govt. to introduce new Framework against Whatsapp Privacy Protect


Few months ago a petition was filed against Whatsapp. In that petition stating that it is violating the privacy rights of more than 17 crore Indian users by sharing their personal data and messages to Facebook. The case argued that Whatsapp’s updated privacy policy stated that it was allowed to share media files from Whatsapp to Facebook.

WhatsApp fined

These data included images, videos and phone numbers of users. However, the legal representatives of Whatsapp countered this argument by saying that the end to end encryption of Whatsapp would not allow them to do so. Following this, the Central Government of India have now told the Supreme court that user’s data is integral to life and dignity.

The Centre also told that it would be enacting a new framework. Which would prevent services like Facebook and Whatsapp from sharing the personal details of users with others. This would also ensure the privacy of the users and the hearing of this case has been adjourned for September 6. A 9-judge-bench will announce the verdict on the right to privacy act of the Indian users.

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