SwiftKey enable copy and paste between Android and Windows

SwiftKey is a virtual third-party keyboard app by Microsoft for both Android and iOS devices. Since the introduction of Windows 10 in 2021, the is trying to uplevel the interlinking between desktop and Android devices. The new update is knocking with a new feature that enables the user to copy and paste between Android and Windows.


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Microsoft is releasing a new update to its SwiftKey Keyboard App tagged with version According to Microsoft’s report, the version will allow the user to copy text from the clipboard of Android devices like smartphones or tablets and paste it onto the Windows PC. The process also works the opposite way.

FYI, earlier, the feature was only available for users who were using the app in connection with desktop. Now, all Android users can copy and paste text between the app on their smartphones and the Windows desktop.

In order to try and test the new functionality, you have to activate the option as it is not enabled by default. To activate, head to the SwiftKey settings on your Android device and look for the clipboard section under inputs. Therein, you will find an option called “Synchronize clipboard history”. The same settings need to be done on your desktop under System > Clipboard.

Keep in mind to update the app to the required version first! Also, the update supports Windows 10 and Windows 11 i.e; from October 2018 update or later.

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