The latest Play Store update allows downloading Wear OS apps directly from phone

The new Wear OS 3.0 is on the way and Google has started preparing for it lately. Google’s latest update to the Play Store allows the user to flash respective apps to the smartwatch directly from the smartphone. Additionally, the user can also use filters to limit search to Watch apps or Watch faces.

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Managing a small screen is always a task. But this update will make it easier for the user to handle the smartwatch. Controlling the watch’s apps and updates directly from the smartphones will make it troubleless and cushy. This is not just it, recently, the Play Store for Wear OS also received a major UI overhaul.

Once updated, the apps will be listed inside a pill-shaped card. This is probably the best UI adjusted in a small screen. Moreover, the UI color is changed to slight grey, making it more compact and easier to read with less stress on the eyes.

Furthermore, the search button embedded on the main home screen is now housed in a white circle, instead of green. In addition, if you make an in-app purchase on the wearable, the confirmation will be generated to the connected device. Also, the “Open” button is again pill-shaped, light, and stretches to the entire display.

In a nutshell, these couple of updates serve your comfort and make your screen less shaky, making it more clear and convenient to use.

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Shivani Sharma
Shivani Sharma
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