Google may bring new Search and Downloads sections to YouTube Music

Google’s YouTube Music app has seen many changes in the past, Google is trying too hard to make it work. YouTube Music was not able to grab as many users as another music app. So, Google is still making changes to the YouTube Music app and a Reddit user named PeepAndCreep has just revealed what Google is doing. Google is testing a new library tab to improve your search experience and help you to find the music you are looking for.

google may bring new search and downloads sections to youtube music

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The new library tab allows searching through music available, but it has some limits that can spoil the experience for some users. The new search will only show official music from the streaming side of YouTube Music. Uploaded files won’t be displayed anymore, so you are limited to streaming music only. Even the Official YouTube Music playlists, user’s playlists, and collaborative playlists you didn’t create are not available in the tab.

The new library displays music, artist names, and album. You can find every piece of music created by the artist by clicking on the artist’s name. The entire album will be available to you by clicking on the album name. There’s another update that can go official in the future, this one is also from a Reddit user.

google may bring new search and downloads sections to youtube music

The new YouTube Music may also bring the Downloads tab as reported by another Reddit user. However, the Downloads tab is located in the same place as the library tab in the previous image, so, we can’t confirm it yet.

All these features are in the testing phase only and there is no surety that it will go official. Google has not made anything official yet.

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