Twitter brings in Automatic Captions for Videos on all platforms

Earlier this year, Twitter dismissed the auto-cropping feature so that the users can see images in their actual size. Now, the social media platform is bringing in a feature that will automatically caption your videos. The update has started rolling out today for iOS, Android, and the Web.


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As of now, the auto-captions feature supports 37 languages. As the translation is not live, the caption will be based on the language of the device used to upload the clip. The languages available include Arabic, Chinese, English, German, Hindi, Tamil, and many more.

For the iOS and Android platforms, the automatic subtitles will appear only on videos that are muted. While Twitter for desktop users can tap the CC button to view auto-caption text after turning the clip’s sound off. This newly introduced feature will be advantageous to deaf as they can now watch videos on Twitter with auto-captions on. Needless to say, it will attract more users.

In other news, Twitter has collaborated with Instagram to promote cross-posting. Moreover, it recently introduced a new privacy feature that allows the user to remove a follower without blocking them. Once removed, the user’s tweets will no longer automatically appear in their timeline. However, the trait is currently limited to the Web platform.

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Shivani Sharma
Shivani Sharma
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