Twitter drops auto-crop feature, will now show full-size images

This year in May, Twitter dismissed the auto-cropping feature on its Android and iOS apps. Now, a similar update is rolling out for Web. This means while scrolling through the Twitter timeline on your web browser, you will see images in their actual size rather than an auto-cropping algorithm making it ambiguous.

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The feature was long-awaited for Twitter for Web users. Now finally, you will get a better idea of what you’re looking at. And so will be the case with your own pictures, they will not get awkwardly cropped automatically. The accurate preview of your image, without being formatted will be shared and visible to your followers. All in all, you get to see and post a full picture in a 4K resolution!

Twitter says, “what you see is what you get” on a post referring to a full-size preview window. The picture changes could be a part of last year’s auto-crop controversy.  For the unaware, last year, some users observed that Twitter shows white faces more prominently after applying the auto-crop algorithm.

Thus, assuming that the platform may favor white over Black. Maybe the algorithm was all-natural, not biased. But Twitter dropped the feature in any way to avoid any further debate.

Twitter has been experimenting with full-frame images since March. “when you Tweet a single image, how the image appears in the Tweet composer is how it will look on the timeline –– bigger and better,” said the company when the feature was under development.

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