You can now transfer WhatsApp chat history from iOS to any Android device

WhatsApp enabled the users to migrate chat history between iOS and Android devices a few months back. But initially, the Android devices only referred to Samsung smartphones. Finally, the feature is now available for every Android smartphone. That means you can now transfer WhatsApp chat history from iOS to any Android device.


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Earlier, in case the user wanted to shift the operating systems, they would have to depend on some third-party apps. But it isn’t the case anymore as Google revealed this information via its official blog post. The users shifting from iPhone to Android can quickly migrate their chat history through a Lighting To USB Type-C cable and a QR code.
However, currently, the feature only works on smartphones running the latest stable channel, Android 12. In short, it means only Pixel smartphone users can use this feature as of now. Also, besides Samsung, no other brand has released a stable Android 12 update for their flagship.
The other smartphone brands will start releasing Android 12 updates to their eligible smartphones by the end of this year. This implies that more handsets will become compatible with the new WhatsApp chat history migration tool soon.
Shivani Sharma
Shivani Sharma
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