WhatsApp allows hiding ‘Last Seen’ status from selected contacts

All the social networking apps let you see when your friends were last operating the platform. We can consider it a facility as it let us know when we can expect a reply. But there are always times when you don’t want to respond, or don’t want anyone to know you were up all night. WhatsApp seems to get the situation and make it easier by introducing some new tools.


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Reportedly, WhatsApp is working to develop a feature where the users can manage the contacts who can see their profile details and last seen. Currently, the control over this information can either be set for everyone, your contacts, or no one. There are no customizable options, making it strict.

Things are going to change soon as WhatsApp is testing to enhance these privacy tools. After the successful verification, the user will be able to exclude selected contacts from seeing their status and profile. Once the feature rolls out, you’ll be able to hide your “Last Seen” from dozens of people without disabling it altogether. And so will be the case with profile pictures and bio.


However, keep in mind that the disabling option will be a two-way street. That means if you are hiding your last seen, picture, or bio from a group of people in your contact list. You will also not be able to see their information.

The new WhatsApp privacy feature was spotted on iOS. But it will expand to other platforms when it’s present in the stable phase.

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