Whatsapp to introduce chat pinning feature very soon


If you are an avid Whatsapp user, then there is good news for you guys. Facebook owned Whatsapp has been doing a lot of research to add new features to it.


One such feature has made it to the news and it is the chat pinning feature. So now you guys can pin 3 favorite chats on the top. The other chats will be placed below it. Well, I know it is an interesting feature, but you need to wait as it is still in the research mode. It will roll out for the stable mode soon.

To use this feature you need to long press the chat you want to pin. Apart from pin you will also get the options of Delete, mute and archive. Once you pin the chat, then whatsoever chat or group you speak to it will always be below the pinned chats.

But you need to remember here that once you pin 3 chats you cannot pin more of them. So you need to keep this in mind.

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Now when you want to unpin the chat then you need press that pinned chat and then click the unpin option.

I know its an interesting feature, but its not rolled out as yet. But if you still can’t wait then you will need to select the beta option for whatsapp and download it or else you can even download its APK file from APK mirror.

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