Next-gen customized skin by Xiaomi: MIUI 13 Features

Like every other smartphone brand, Xiaomi is also occupied developing its next-gen skin— MIUI 13. The Android 12 based skin is expected to debut by the end of this year. Ahead of the official release, the beta channel has given us an idea of what we can expect from it. Here is the list of MIUI 13 features that you’ll love!

miui 13

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“MIUI is in full swing making every effort to improve and will definitely do better,” says Lei Jun, Xiaomi’s CEO. Just like Android 12, the MIUI 13 will arrive with a long-awaited visual overhaul. Without further ado, let’s jump to the changes that skin has sustained.

MIUI 13 Features

  • Removal of Screen On Time and Weather Super Wallpaper
    The most noticeable change in MIUI 13 is that it no longer provides an option to see the screen on time (SOT). Also, it has removed the Weather Super Wallpaper. If you want to check SOT information on Android 12-based MIUI builds, you will have to use a third-party application.

  • Low Battery Level Reduced
    In the previous MIUI versions, your phone would require at least 30% battery to flash any app. Well, this has finally changed as now, the low battery level warnings pop up at 15%.
    next-gen customized skin by xiaomi: miui 13 features
  • Document Watermark and Mi Drive in File Manager
    After a long wait, there’s finally an option to add a watermark while scanning documents from the MIUI camera app. This will be helpful to protect important documents from unauthorized copying. Moreover, you get a new MiDrive shortcut in the File Manager app that will allow direct access to files from Xiaomi Cloud.

  • App Vault Cargo Tracking Widget
    If you are an old Xiaomi user, you know about this feature from MIUI 11. However, it was removed with the introduction of MIUI 12. But, it is now back again with MIUI 13. This feature allows tracking cargo directly from within the app vault.
  • New MIUI 13 Launcher Animation
    As a part of MIUI 13 preparation, Xiaomi has added a low-key yet important animation to the MIUI launcher. This animation is when an app is loading, like following a reboot, a loading icon will appear on the screen to show that the app is not loaded. Previously, when the apps used to pop up one by one and the launch would restart after stuttering.
    next-gen customized skin by xiaomi: miui 13 features
  • New Gallery Icons
    Xiaomi’s new Gallery icons in MIUI 13 are crafted more carefully with simple color patterns that seem neutral. Earlier, the icons were in the Sync with Mi Account section. But with new skin, all the system UI will feature plain colors.
    next-gen customized skin by xiaomi: miui 13 features
  • New Xiaomi Home UI

    A new Xiaomi Home will arrive with MIUI 13 featuring a rather simple design. It follows the pattern of plain colors that seems more warn than before. Not only to MIUI 13, but the change will also apply to all Android devices that can be installed in Xiaomi Home.
    next-gen customized skin by xiaomi: miui 13 features
  • Smart Toolbox
    Smart Toolbox is another new feature-packed with MIUI 13. This time, the attribute serves more functions than before. It allows you to edit, add, or see apps all the time side by side while playing games or watching videos.
    next-gen customized skin by xiaomi: miui 13 features
  • Preserve Camera Settings
    Previously, the video settings were restored to default after reopening the camera app. This is going to change with MIUI 13. After closing the camera app, it will stay on the selected lens and setting while launching it again.
  • New Battery Temperature Indicator
    With MIUI 12.5, Xiaomi added a new feature called Battery temperature indicator which displays the battery in Celcius. With the new skin, the company has made it simpler by dividing it into three statuses— Cool, Normal, and Hot.
    next-gen customized skin by xiaomi: miui 13 features
  • Switching Between Beta and Stable Versions by Backing Up and Restoring Data
    You can easily switch between MIUI Beta and Stable versions without having to worry about backup and restoring data. This will automatically serve these purposes when you decide to switch. Earlier, the data of the previous version was deleted while switching.
  • Assistant Mascot
    This is an entertaining feature via which you can create your own character like an avatar. It will make you feel like you are talking to a human, not a robot.
    next-gen customized skin by xiaomi: miui 13 features
  • New MIUI Health UI & Features
    The new MIUI Health app UI resembles the Xiaomi Wear app. Unlike the current version, the new one adds two more sections— Devices and Account. Further, the users can pair all the Xiaomi and Redmi wearable devices that are compatible with the Xiaomi Wear app.
    next-gen customized skin by xiaomi: miui 13 features
  • Gallery Chronological Scroll Bar
    This feature is a part of the Gallery app. You get a Chronological Scroll Bar that helps the user to find any picture they’re looking for faster.
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