List of Samsung devices eligible for Android 12L update

If you are wondering about the “Android 12L” in the title, it’s a “feature drop for Android 12.” The version is specially crafted for foldable smartphones and tablets. This means it is not an entirely new version of Android. But still, it renders enhanced features than the standard Android 12 OS.

android 12l

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Samsung is the only company providing Android-powered foldable smartphones. Plus, it offers some of the best Android tablets. And of course, the company is above all in terms of releasing updates and generating new customized operating systems.

This time, Samsung has decided to make Android 12 better on larger screens and here we are with Android 12L. This version will feature a redesigned user interface and a new two-column layout for nearly everything. Moreover, it will add a new taskbar at the bottom that will allow quick app switching thus, making multitasking easier.

List of Samsung devices to get Android 12L update

Galaxy Z Fold series

Galaxy Tab series

The Android 12L update for Samsung devices will launch early next year as mentioned by Google. Besides the listed smartphones, the upcoming future foldable and tablets will also support the new OS.

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