Chromecast Support for Apps on CyanogenMod


CyanogenMod have been a great team of hard workers and they are yet again with another innovation. Koushik Dutta, a leading developer from CM team has demonstrated a new Cyanogenmod build, in which it streams the video as well as the audio through the Chromecast. Here is a video, of demonstration about the Chromecast support.

CyanogenMod has developed some great features, with their innovative ROMs, the Focal Camera app, the Nemesis project, and now they bring the Chromecast support for all media apps running on the new build.

Koush’s customization shows enables the Chromecast to stream apps that play content from internet, as well as from the local drive of the phone. However there has been no announcement from the developer as when this feature would be included in the stable releases of the leading and most widely used custom ROM. However we can expect it to show up in the 10.2 Nightly version.

Via:  +Koush


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