Download GCam 8.6 APKs [Link Included]


It’s been only a month since Google released the Google Camera 8.5 update. Now, here you can download Gcam 8.6 APK with a lot more changes. The GCam 8.5 update was a surprise, and Google has surprised us again by pushing another update. Google has released the Google Camera 8.6 update, which is live in Google Play Store. The update comes with app version number 8.6.263. It comes with the Material You visuals from the upcoming Android 13. The update is live for Pixel users over the globe in a phased manner. Unsurprisingly, Google didn’t release the changelog of the update. Don’t worry, we will describe to you the latest changes that came in the update. We will also include the download links for Google Camera 8.6 update. 

download gcam 8.6 apk

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Changes in Google Camera 8.6

As we said, the Gcam 8.6 APK now supports the complete Material You design from Android 13. The upcoming Android 13 features an entirely different Material You design. The Google Camera app will change its accent according to the wallpaper on your phone. All thanks to the dynamic wallpaper theme engine for this. One can experience the dynamic colours and components of the Material You design. The latest camera app seems to be from the upcoming Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro smartphone. It has traces of its source codes to the upcoming flagships. Google is expected to bring significant changes in Google Camera 9 that will release along with the upcoming smartphones.

Google has also introduced some animations while switching between modes so that it will look fabulous. The dynamic interface can be experienced while switching modes. The app also comes with a “Speech Enhancement” feature. It will help to enhance the audio while recording videos. The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro users can access the Magic Eraser option. Google includes a new centring visual while using the Night Sight mode. There’s also a new slide animation while choosing the zoom level options. The photo clarity and crispness while clicking in 1x and 4x have been improved.

The viewfinder now pans to the right while adjusting zoom levels to align with the telephoto lens. Sliding zoom levels have a better transition now. Earlier update (Google Camera 8.5) introduced the haptic feedback feature while switching modes. Since the new update is rolling out in a phased manner, reaching all the smartphones will take some time. So, we have decided to include the download links of the APK in this article.

Download GCam 8.6 APK

As said, Pixel users can install the latest version by updating it on Google Play Store. It will be available for any Pixel smartphone that runs on Android 13. But we will include the links to download the latest Google Camera 8.6 app;

  • Google Camera (arm64-v8a) (nodpi) (Android 13+) APK – Download Now (21MB only)
  • Google Camera 8.6.263 APKS (Bundle) – Download Now 193MB only)

Download Google Camera 8.5 MOD APK

It will take some time for developers to modify the latest GCam 8.6 APK. We will update the article once mods are made available in the future. Meanwhile, you can download the MOD APKs for the Google Camera 8.5 & 8.4 versions.

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