Eric Schmidt Seen Using iPhone but It Does Not Hint Anything


Internet gone crazy over the photo in which Google’s ex-CEO and current advisor Eric Schmidt using an iPhone. Well, the war mongers started uttering the stuff about Android and Apple which turned into a bigger battle for Apple vs Android fanboys.

eric schmidt iphone

Well, to ease out some tension from both the group we have concluded few things that depicts using an iPhone by Eric Schmidt does not mean anything and does not make Apple inferior or superior and nor Android.

  • First of all Eric Schmidt was ex-CEO of Google which is an internet company and we think Apple devices also uses internet.
  • It performs same basic functions as Android phone does
  • Google develop various iOS , MAC os related software and tools to cater the folks over there. SO a phone in Google employee’s hand does not mean Android is ..
  • Eric Schmidt once served on the board of director for Apple while having the CEO seat in Google, SO it does not matter what he is using.

So guys not shocking to see Schmidt using  an iPhone. So guys, Be neutral sometimes which is good for everything and everyone.

eric schmidt iphone

What do you think about it? Share your views via comments below.

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