Facebook Messenger Problem solved after an Outage of few hours


Recently, Facebook owned Whatsapp had been in the news for some negative reasons. And this time it’s Facebook Messenger itself.

Messenger Lite

The social media giant Facebook Messenger faced an outage in Asia, some parts of North America, New Zealand and Australia. While using Facebook Messenger users got the message that something went wrong and the issue will be fixed soon.

Many users took the issue on twitter and discussed about the rare outage. Actually such type of issue has never happened to Facebook. So, yes it was rare.

Later The Facebook head, sent Tech crunch an official mail stating that the Facebook was not working due to some technical issue and now the problem has been solved. The email even had an apology for the inconvenience caused to the users.

Recently, i guess last week itself whatsapp had faced an outage and did not work for few hours. Brazil, America, India were worst hit.

Due to this issue many users in Brazil started using Telegram, as an alternative. Though the problem was solved, but then it increased Telegram downloads.

Whatsapp is a messaging app, used by abut 1.2 Billion people and was taken over by Facebook in 2014 at a heft amount of $19 Billion.

Well, lets hope this issue never happens again.

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