Facebook’s new Feature “scrapbook” for parents to give kids an Certified Presence

For the first time , facebook is doing favour for children under age of 13 . For this facebook is disporting facebook scrapbook to make it look more easier . Now, kids can have an official presence on the greatest social hub . But , that does not implies that they can create their own profile on facebook, instead of that their parents can now tag photos of them to create their different “scrapbook” .


Scrapbook will be available for ios , android and as well as for desktop . However, facebook is now focusing on its improvisation so that when kids turn into 13 and can legally have an account on facebook , then their parents will be capable of giving full control of scrapbook to their kids.
To use new feature of facebook , parents will have to go to about section in setting and then go to family and relationship tab. They will find out to start a scrapbook option for scratch or make one for their existing child . After that , parents can select tag for their child and then they can utilize it so they can have all their photos in one adjacent position.
Moreover, they can also share it with their facebook friends .Its upto parents that they want their album to be public or private .Photos can be added to scrapbook by only creater or his partner . When all is set .then scrapbook is available as a separate photo album with your other albums. Scrapbook is presently available in US only ,so if you are willing to have this feature in your profile , then you must go to settings as soon as you can .


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