Google Did It Again , Fooled People With Google Panda

As we know that Google has tradition , that they do something to fool people on April fool’s day .This time Google came up with Google Panda, they launched it as there is a new product. The search giant, Google, described their product as “our new product is so brilliant ,you can ask anything but so cute you are gonna wanna hug”.
More of that, Google launched this mind blowing product on April fool’s day in the land of rising sun, Japan. Use of intelligent yet ‘adorable’ panda was described in video by company’s vice president of Engineering, Chris Yerga which was launched on Google Japan’s YouTube channel. The company moves to intense of conducting in an engineer to demonstrate the use of panda .


The engineer splashes how the Google’s new product act as a mobile search engine, moreover, it answers to every question you ask to it with yes and ease in flow, it is adorable. Google has habit to bluff their loyal followers on this mischievous day. They come with an excellent prank, so it was none of a co-incidence of launching it on April fool day.

Google nose beta was kinda product ,the search giant did launched with quite ease in 2013. Its promo video was advertised and shooted in the same procedure as the company shoots and promotes other of their videos. This year’s Panda is their other outrageous prank to fool people on April’s fool day. So don’t take it seriously cause its April fool’s day man!!


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